See core performance order?

This is shown in the main HWiNFO window. If you're running in Sensors-only mode, you'll need to deactivate this option to get that window with more details.
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Another question i've set up my limits on Motherboard for PBO

What meants "fused" right here?

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If you choose to set PBO on just “Enabled” the limits are even higher than that. Basically by enabling PBO without any manual settings you are telling the CPU to operate at its max potential without damaging it self.
Its safe.

All is depending on the CPU temp. The cooler it is the higher is pushing its limits. Again without damaging it self (when PBO is set to Enabled or advanced/Motherboard).
Of course those numbers are unrealistic and there is no way a (any) CPU can reach them.

The core performance order (CPPC) can be seen also in “sensors mode only”.
There are 2 orders. First is the order Windows scheduler will prefer load cores, and second is the CPPC order hard coded into the CPU during the manufacturing evaluation process.