Sensor Alert and Control


A general question about what happens when a sensor alert occurs.

I am monitoring my GPU temperature. If I set it to alert when the temp goes over 60 degrees - it alerts properly - but the GPU temperature NEVER goes any higher than 61.

When I set the alert at 64 degrees - it alerts - but NEVER goes over 65 degrees. (I am going to try 70 later today).

It appears as though it is limiting my GPU temperature in addition to alerting? (Or is it just hanging at the alerted limit?).

Alerting does not have an influence on the value monitored.
What type of action have you set? In case you use the Display Warning Window, when the message is displayed it stops updating the Sensor screen (you should notice that the values don't change) until you close the message. This might require a fix.
Ahh - that explains it.

I am playing Crysis and do not see the alert window - I guess it is hidden by the game. Anyhow - when I quite and look at the graph of the GPU is stays at the alert level (i. e. it never gets updated after that).

This is no real problem - I just did not understand what was happening.

Perhaps it would be better to keep updating the reading so people would understand and not come to an erroneous conclusion like I did.

This time (I played the game) I had the alert level set to 70 degrees - and the temperature never reached the alert level. It hovered around 66 degrees (I had the alert level set at 64 before - so it limited out at that level).

Thanks - explains everything!
This was also a bit by intention.. If you would not notice this warning and thus get further warning windows (as specified by the Distance, which is 20sec default) after closing the game you might end up with 1000 warning windows :)
Hello, I'm writing to suggest you a little improvement. Setting as "depending on alert treshold" the background colour of the icons shown in System Tray, it can only switch between green and red. If I want to apply this useful feature to two or more values, i can't understand "at a glance" what value is out of the set range. According to me, it would be a nice improvement if the program would let the user choose the background colours to use whether within or beyond the set values.
Thanks a lot for your great work.
If you hover the mouse over the tray icon it will tell you which sensor is that.
Martin said:
If you hover the mouse over the tray icon it will tell you which sensor is that.

I already know this, I gave you my suggestion only because I was thinking it was a small tweak, easy to apply in order to make even faster the use of this feature, that I really appreciate.
Thanks again. ;)