sensor alerts min and max value an run a program

If configured "Run a program" in sensor alerts is there at program environment a variable, that has the value of the alerted sensor ? My intention is to run one program if the value of monitored sensor reaches the maximum and another program if the sensor reaches the minimum value.
best regards matthias
I'm sorry, there's no such possibility. Let me think about what would be the easiest way to do this...
Maybe a special argument string defined by HWiNFO (e.g. "%v") which when included in the arguments list might be a solution.
No sorry, it's great work from you.:) Your suggestion be a solution. Another way may be to difference to two alert actions, one for min and one for max value. If you will investigate work in this, I've some more ideas. I think, at the moment the alert is executed every time max or (!) min condition is reached, but maximal in notifcation distance. It would be nice to have a toggle button to connect max and min condition with "or" or "and". My next idea ist a check button to toggle from interpreting max and min condition as value to edge. That means, only execute the alert action if i.e. the goes from value less to more of the min value / more to less of max value.
I think that having the ability to pass the actual sensor value causing the alert as an argument to custom application is more flexible and might be useful for other users too, so I'll add this into the next build released.
Thank you, good solution ! I've configured the alert to use the min / max value as an edge trigger by setting the notifcation distance to a sufficient large value. That seems to work as I want. With the enhancement of passing the actual sensor value it will be easy to switch in a script between reaching different configured min and max values.
My computer and HWiNFO64 were runnig all the time with no reboot. So there was no notification about update.;) Thank you for the work, I 'm building my script and will test it next days.

EDIT: My scripts are ready and doing well. Thank you again, but a check botton for activating edge alert would be another nice advancement.;)