Sensor Missing for Asus Mini-DTX Mainboard Crosshair VIII Impact


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I use HwInfo (Pro) to collect all Data I need to Display them on my Goverlay Display.
This is working fine exept 2 things:

1. -> I can see the DIMM Temps in HWInfo but not in Goverlay
Did a request there to hoepfuly fix it. So as it's Displayed in HwInfo itself it might be not a Problem
of HwInfo (maybe the [ ] Brackets in "Dimm [0] Tempreature" are the Problem, I could thinck as everything else is working has no [ ] brackets.

2. -> I can NOT see my Rad Fan Speed in HwInfo. The Sensor is not listed in Hw Info.
In the BIOS and in the Asus Software in Windows it is displayed fine, so technically working (See Picture).

The connectors are on the "Extension-Board" of the Mainboard and are called RAD1A_FAN and RAD1B_Fan. See Picture attached.




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1. Seems to be indeed an issue in Goverlay
2. Is the Rad1A fan perhaps showing as "Chassis 2" in HWiNFO?
Hey Martin,

thanks for the feedback. I was some kind of stupid. Sorry :)

You are right :)
Chassis Fan 2 is RAD1A_FAN -> (my front radiator fan's)
Chassis Fan 3 is RAD1B_FAN -> (my back radiator fan)

So Question 2 is solved 100% and Question 1 hopefully by Goverlay soon :)

thanks a lot Martin

kind regards
No problem :) I should adjust those fan names to show properly on this model...