Small feature request: Read BIOS version in hwinfo


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I am doing a lot of stability testing with my system, and because of WHEA issues and increased temperatures on certain BIOS versions, I haven't made up my mind on what BIOS I am going to stick with yet.

In this endeavor I am using hwinfo a lot, but I have to keep AIDA, CPU-z or similar open as well when I make a screenshot in order to capture the BIOS version. Unless I am mistaken or blind, it is not possible to see the BIOS version in hwinfo.

Would it be possible to add a BIOS version reading in hwinfo? That would be a tremendous help.

Thanks for an amazing program. Cheers.
HWiNFO reads the BIOS version. This is available in the summary window or the main window, but not in sensors.
We try to limit the number of sensors due to the vast amount of items, hence we prefer to show only items that can change during runtime.