Snapshot CPU Pooling option and Average effective clock measurement


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Hi (Martin)
I have a non critical observation/issue. I have been playing with the "Snapshot CPU Pooling" option and noticed that effective clock measurement is wrong when the option is enabled.
Here are screenshots when all cores stress test is running (aida64)

cpu pooling option enabled

cpu pooling option disabled:

My CPU is Ryzen 5900X. Probably this is related to the SMT, because in the first case all T1 effective clocks are reported very low and in the second case T1 and T0 are reported correctly.

Stay safe and Merry Christmas!
Effective clock on Hyper-threaded units (T1) is not available with the Snapshot Polling option and HWiNFO should not be showing this.
Is it perhaps because you enabled this option while HWiNFO was running? Try to enable it and start new.

Merry Christmas to you too!
I enabled the option, quited hwinfo and started it again, but T1 clocks were still shown. Restarted the PC and yes T1 are not shown any more, only T0 are shown.
However when ran aida stress test I still think that average effective clock is not calculated properly. See all clocks are about 4525mhz, but average is 2264mhz.

Indeed, the average value is wrong. It will be fixed, but hey, it's Christmas now :)
Sure, I dont expect it fixed now :)
I am even surprised that you answered :)
Ok, I stop bothering you more.
Merry Christmas again. Best wishes!
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Hi Martin
I updated to latest version 6.42-4360. Now the "Average Effective Clock" is correctly calculated. But I noticed that when "Snapshot CPU Pooling" option is enabled the "CPU Package Power (SMU)" is missing. Is it possible to get it back ? :)

In "Snapshot CPU Pooling" mode you can rely on the PPT value, it should match the "CPU Package Power (SMU)".
Anyway, I'll re-introduce the "CPU Package Power (SMU)" value in "Snapshot CPU Pooling" mode in the next Beta build.