Some 2nd GPU sensors are missing


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I recently re-installed and reconfigured HWinfo I'm currently using v4.51-2444

I have two R9 280 AMD graphics cards and sensors for both show up, however I can't seem to get all the sensors for the 2nd card to show up in HWinfo.

My main concerns are I'd like to view the D3D Memory Dedicated as well as the two VRM temps for the second card which are missing.

I've disabled and enabled crossfire via AMD's control center, I've also used MSI afterburner to disable ULPS, I thought it was one of the two of those that fix this problem last time I had it, but no suck luck.

Here's a screen cap of what is showing up

Any ideas?

Also any thoughts on how to ensure those sensors stay available when switching crossfire on / off ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated


Please attach the HWiNFO Debug File including sensor data, so I can analyze it more deeply.
HWinfo Debuf file attached

I just reinstalled the OS and thought that maybe I was using a different AMD driver previously and that was what caused the change.  I just installed the AMD 14.11.2 Beta driver, i believe I was using the 14.12 driver previously.

The attached debug is with the 14.11.2 driver installed and crossfire enabled and I see the following

if I close HWinfo, disable crossfire and reopen HWinfo I'll see the following

If anything else might help just let me know.

Sorry, but I don't see the Debug File attached. You probably forgot to insert it into the post.

As for the case of Crossfire enabled, I believe the 2nd GPU values are not shown because it's powered down by ULPS. The values will appear once the GPU wakes up.