Strange Core/HBM readings since (Vega 64)


Hey guys,

I get strange readings with my Sapphire Vega 64 regarding my core and hbm clock.
v6.02-3670 works fine for me. I got reproducible 1535/1070 MHz in Timespy. But after v6.02 the Core and HBM jumps around even under full load. For example, the core value shows peaks around 1600+ Mhz which couldnt be stable. The HBM drops from 1070 to 1040 which isnt a state. Prefer AMD ADL doenst help.

The Radeon software shows the correct values.

Thanks for your help!

btw: the power readings regarding my ryzen 3700X/asus crosshair VI are also strange. 10w for my CPU package and a total consumption of ~55w in cb20.


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HWiNFO has switched to a new monitoring interface recommended by AMD..
Which Radeon drivers version are you using? Try to upgrade to the latest version, there might be some improvements in monitoring.
Currently its 19.7.3 - but i give 19.8.2 a try.

19.8.2 - still wrong readings, nothing has changed.
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None as of yet. It looks like the new method that AMD introduced isn't working well here. I will check with them if they will fix this, but it can take some time...
Thank you for the explanation.
(maybe its possible to add an option to choose the old method?).
OK, in the next build I will adjust this so that when "Prefer AMD ADL" is enabled, HWiNFO will use the old method for Gfx and Mem clock.