Strange number in "Number of Mechanical Start Failures"


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About 1,5 months ago I bought Toshiba P300 3TB drive for my PC. From the beginning when I looked into HWiNFO there was one parameter which attracted my attention - "Number of Mechanical Start Failures: 6". I searched throught the Internet and it turned out it's normal for Toshiba drives. Number was always 6 untill two days ago, when I started to have problems with this drive. With some operations it started to make loud click sound and then spinning up. In a few hours it was getting worse and worse, but at the end it turned out, that there was a problem with power cable. I have fixed it but after that I noticed, that "Number of Mechanical Start Failures" changed to -1476193263. Why it's not displaying proper number now?

There could be two reasons - either the drive went crazy and this parameter skyrocketed to extreme numbers causing an overflow of this parameter or the firmware isn't properly counting this statistic.
I will fix this parameter to display the value as a positive number as I didn't expect it to reach such high number and overflow. But the resulting number will remain very high as that's what the drive reports.