Sudden Computer Power-off while gaming on new build: Help reading logs for diagnosis?


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Hey, so I recently built a new PC with these specs:

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 5600G

iGPU: AMD Cezanne (I bought this all just before the GPU crash, so an APU made sense)

Mobo: Gigabyte B550M DS3H

RAM: Corsair LPX 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4 3600 C18 (PC4-28800) 1.35V

PSU: Seasonic S12III 650W

Memory: Mixed HDD and SSD

It works completely fine when running Chrome, or word processor and excel, etc, but the moment I start playing a game (any game) its like I'm on a timer and within 5-30 minutes the PC will just shut down. And I don't mean enter a shutdown sequence, I mean the PC will just go completely power off in an instant with no warning. Obviously, this is a bit disturbing since the build I made was focused on budget gaming and its a completely new build with all-new components (except the HDD which isn't new but also isn't broken or anything).

So I decided to install HWinfo to try and run some logs while gaming to see if I can work out what exactly is going on, I set the log-tick to 0.1 seconds too so that if something unexpected happened it would hopefully record as much as possible leading up to the crash.

The only problem is... I have no clue how to analyze these logs to diagnose whatever is going on, so I'm posting them here in the hopes someone can help explain why my computer keeps randomly shutting down after a play a game for a while.

I've already looked at the temperatures for the core since I suspected that might be where the problem was since games would actually use the iGPU but so far the temp seems to stay steady below 40 C and the rest of the logs use a lot of terminologies I'm unfamiliar with, and a quick check using line graphs of everything didn't seem to reveal anything to me, but then again I don't really know what I'm doing when it comes to analysis.

I'll try to answer any questions promptly, I really hope something in the logs can be useful in pointing me towards a solution, otherwise I have no clue what is wrong.

Also, in case I forgot to mention it, these logs end when my computer powered-off unexpectedly while playing Conquest of Elysium, which if you look up will be clear to see isn't exactly a graphics powerhouse of a game :/


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Hi there.

Your log looks fine to me in the excellent Generic Log Viewer. Nothing indicates an issue, be it temperature, voltage, frequency or otherwise. I suggest to run other games, and some synthetic tests to find out if they can also trigger this sudden shutdown. For synthetics I'd use Prime95 or OCCT (CPU only) and FurMark (GPU only). Run any of these programs alone for as long as it normally takes to trigger the issue. If the issue doesn't occur, run a CPU and GPU intensive program at the same time. Depending on the result, either your hardware has a problem, or it's some issue with this particular game.

Have you looked in Event Viewer? Any unexpected shut downs will have one or more log entries in Administrative Events. To open Event Viewer just click on Start and type Event Viewer. Administrative Events should be listed under Custom Views. Event ID 6008 is an unexpected shutdown. You can look through events immediately preceding the shutdowns which may reveal what is causing them. You can also look in C:\Windows for MEMORY.DMP. This is a dump file which should contain specific information about what caused the shut down. There are utilities that can read this and other dump files. WhoCrashed is nice because it will scan for dump files in common locations including C:\Windows, C:\Windows\Minidump, and C:\Windows\LiveKernalReports. It then generates a report that will show what caused the crash.

Analyzing dump files can get complicated. If you are running Windows 10 you can post on Ten Forums in BSOD Crashes and Debugging. There are some real experts there that can help you with the dump files. They can also have you download troubleshooting tools that have been specifically designed to troubleshoot problems like this. I think there is a similar forum for Windows 11. Good luck.