Suggestion: Distinguish drives


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I have two drives of the same make/model, and a separate third one. It's easy to tell which drive the third one is, but it's always a hassle distinguishing the other two:


I usually have to copy a dummy file on one to get its usage up and make it possible to tell which one is which. If the entries said something like "Drive C: WDC WD10..." and "Drive D: WDC WD10..." it'd be substantially easier to distinguish them. The activity graphs could use this too (make/model and drive letter), as currently it's impossible to distinguish them except by triggering dummy drive activity:

One drive can contain several volumes, or in case of RAID a single volume can span across multiple drives.
Thus HWiNFO currently uses the drive serial number to distinguish them.
Although there may be one to many or many to one mappings, it would still be useful to have a simple human-knowable way to know which hd is which, because in Windows it is tedious to find the correspondence among drive letters, volume labels, and drive serials.

I would suggest a context menu (right-click) option which results in something like "Drive letters on this disk: x, x, x, ..." and/or "This disk participates in the following [drive letters | volumes]: ..."