suggestion for improvement - disks in sensors page


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Hi Martin,

I have a small suggestion for sensor UI improvement.

In sensors page when you have more than one disk of, especially if they are same model, it's hard to identify who is who :)
For example one of the disks is showing temperature 90C or remaining live 60% and I would like to know directly which exact volume (drive letter) might be in problem.

I know how to identify them, but it would be a lot easier (nicer) if it can be done, directly through the UI.

So suggestion is to put the letters in the sensors page. For example in the groups title like this

Drive: ... (c:, d:)
S.M.A.R.T.: ... (c:, d:)

Or may be shown only when hover with mouse over the disk (or smart) group.

Or may be as a separate "sensor" under the group of the disk. This probably not possible since the values are non numeric.. and could not work with min/max/avg logic.

This is just a suggestion, of course you could think of something better. I hope you understand my idea.
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