[Suggestion] Please Allow Custom Sensor Order AND Retain Collapsible Sensors

Baby Bunny

New Member
This program is practically useless for quick and easy glancing of CPU and GPU temperatures, even though it's incredible in every other way. These are the two temps the vast majority of users will want to be able to eyeball during loads, yet that are separated by a colossal amount of unrelated sensors meaning you have to activate the window and scroll up or down completely defeating the usefulness.

I saw there was a way to manually arrange your sensors (amazing!), but enabling that clutters up the sensor window so, so, so much more given nothing can no longer be collapsed (dreadful!).

Please, either by default add a new section with duplicate temp sensors only, all arranged together; or allow manual re-arranging of sensors but still allowing grouping of said sensors. I should be able to move GPU group next to CPU group in one drag.

At worst, please consider putting those two next to each other by default... The memory, motherboard and drive sensors really should not be above the GPU in the list if going in order of importance.
You can easily filter out values based on type via Sensor Settings. There you can disable all except Temperatures.