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Hello (Martin),

I bought an ASUS TUF Gaming F15 FX507ZV4-LP037 laptop 14 days ago and I would like to know if it is possible to get data from the CPU and GPU fan sensors on this model, as the current version of HWINFO does not see this data. I've already seen some posts that ASUS hides its data and won't allow other applications to have the chance to get this data about the fans, because I can only see the speed of the fans in the BIOS of the laptop and in the official application from ASUS "armoury crate". Is there any possibility that HWINFO can get this data as well?

Thank you for your reply and have a nice day :)
I will need you to export the ACPI DSDT table from that system to check it. You can use the RW-Everything tool for that.
So I installed the RWEverything program as you suggested, and when I run it it throws the error below in the image that the driver cannot be loaded. Is there another way I can give you information about my system? or how to run the program? reinstalling the program will not help


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You will probably need to disable Vulnerable Driver Blocklist in Windows which also might require disabling Core isolation.
I have already turned off kernel isolation, the program itself requested this. Now it's just a problem with the driver. Don't know how to enable disabled drivers? :D
yes, but I looked in the folder C:\Windows\system32\drivers and I didn't find any driver RwDrv.sys in that place, even though it should be in this folder.

I was able to download the missing RwDrv.sys driver and the application started. Above is ACPI TABLES, that will open something and what do you need from it? because I probably didn't find any direct DSDT box there.
Yes, that's it - the DSDT :)
The last thing that I need is the HWiNFO Report File.
where can I find or create a HWINFO report? :) btw, proč se bavíme anglicky, když jsi Slovák? :D :D :D nevím jestli je to tento soubor, ale zkusím ho poslat


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:D Because this is an English-speaking forum and this thread might be helpful to others ;)
Disable Sensors-only mode in case you have it activate and then from the main window click "Report".
Thanks. I will try to add fan speed monitoring for this model in the next Beta build.
Try the new v7.63-5205 Beta if it shows fan speeds. If there's any issue, please attach the HWiNFO Debug File.