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Hi @PlnkY77

Just found your skin and its freaking awesome!

Thanks so much for the effort you have put into it!
I'm def using it.

One thing I've noticed so far is that HWiINFO Drive 1, 2 etc don't seem to graph correctly?
or am seeing this wrong :D
My assumption is that the left side is for the Disk Temp and the right side is for the Disk access/usage but moving from a small to a mid the graph does not seem to accurately reflect the % on each side.
again this could just be missinterpreting the way this is meant to output?

Once again big thank you this skin is great!


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Thanks for your feedback. You're right, it's not really clear what the roundlines show on the HWiNFO disk meters. It's neither temperature nor storage space used, it's the actual disk load measured by HWiNFO. But I'm not really happy with that because HWiNFO usually refreshes every second by default which makes the roundline not as smooth as it should be.

Currently I'm working on a complete new design with better looking circles, many many more options and customizations and additional rectangle panels. Maybe I will add an option for the user to configure where the roundlines should react on or at least change it to temperate/disk space usage. Maybe you should follow me on deviant art, it will take a few weeks until I got that project finished.


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Hi @PlnkY77

I will indeed follow you on Deviant Art ;)
Did you know about the Discord server for Rainmeter? ( ) very nice server and we might actually be able to interact quicker.
They are a community of Rainmeter users and developers etc.
I am keen to assist you in any way possible. Well I'm no master programmer, I have actually been disecting the code a bit to understand it ;)
this came about due to the fact that,I have an external 5" LCD as my second monitor and have my Stats monitors are on there but the biggest size option you have
is just just to small for me to read clearly what is going on, so I've actually been playing by creating a test BG of double the size of your largest BG gradients size (220) and made
it 440, I've then been tinkering with upscalling everything to fit.....taken a few hours on that front and I'm not close to done disecting yet hahaha.
Also I have noticed that the CPU temp fomula seems a bit off, as in what I perseeve as 50% on a half circle is not quite linning up with the temp number displayed.....I've been playing around with this formula
to and simply removing the min cpu temp from the formula seems to yield a better looking result....though probably also not near accurate....
Also I don't quite need a 440 size skin I just thought going with double will offer others options beyond what I need......I actually need 240 which is only very slightly bigger than your 220.
I have also been trying to merge some nifty code from the other skin called "Dashboard" which actually dynamically scales the size of your stat skin with the mouse wheel up and down.....
though I'm also only at the beginning of trying to figure out how to achieve this..LOL
It seems they have a Var for "Radius" which gets updated by the mouse scroll up and down, and then all the style code is linked to a formula like "LineLength=(#Radius#*0.77)" so the size dynamically changes
as you resize it, they even use the formula to set font size etc which grows the font exactly right as well......

For me the perfect skin would be a combination of yours and "Dashboard" (on the functionallity part that is)

As I have said, I don't just want to be that guy who throws requests at you, so if I can help in any way I if I can figure out how to grow your skins dynamically ill share the code etc.....
so might be nice if we can chat on Discord.
Of course if you not open to the collaboration ill take no offence either ;)

Again thank you for you efforts!
Very much appreciated by myself.

PS. if you want a tester for your skins pre release, ill be keen to be a test for you to ;)


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Hmmm ... you're right. The Formula itself is correct, but the ValueReminder is wrong. Let me think about if there is a solution. Otherwise I would remove the CPUminTemp option.

Edit: Just change to percentual display:
Correct the Smooth1 Formula to "Formula=100-((CPUTemp-#CPUminTemp#)/(#CPUmaxTemp#-#CPUminTemp#))*100" and the LineStyle3 ValueReminder Option to 100 in all 3 CPU-x-Core Skin files. The same for the GPU skin. Then it should work.
I will fix that for next release, thx for the input.

Interesting idea to change the skin size dynamically, but I guess nearly impossible for me. Basically there are many graphics used, it would be an incredible work to get those background graphics for the roundlines that accurate to scale correctly with all shapes and other images from the skin. But the most complex thing would be to change the content dynamically. Just scaling the text size and position would be ok but additionally changing the complete content depending on size ... puh ... a lot of code to write. I guess this is something I won't implement.

For the new skin I'm working on my main target was to enable fully cusomized color setups, e.g. transparent background. Therefore I reworked the complete setup with less images. Now the skin is working with 3 images only (2 for the roundline and on for the shaddow in the middle). All the rest is done by rainmeter shapes. Additionally the complete "design" is separated to extra files. This would make it pretty easy for you to add a new size. Here a first screenshot from the clock Meter with new style:


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Check out my first release version of the completely new suite SYSMonitor.
See Screenshot and Link in initial post