"Temp9" giving funny readings


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I originally posted my thread in the off topic section but I just realized that section doesn't look like it gets too much traffic, so figured I'd post here instead. Admins feel free to delete my other thread.

Anyway, I've been monitoring temps on a new build and have a question. I'm using a Strix B550-F board and on occasion have a sensor labeled as "Temp9" reading as high as 115 *C. Normally it seems to mimic "Motherboard" temp, until it spikes up to the 90-100 *C range randomly (though "Motherboard" temp stays at a reasonable number when this happens). It's an intermittent issue and I've tried looking around here for more info on it but it seems most people with Asus boards have had issues with "Temp2" and "Temp5" (I don't see these sensors at all on my read out). I'm assuming it's probably an unused sensor or something from what I've been reading but I just wondered if anyone could help to give me some peace of mind. All other temps seem fine. Attached is a pic of current readings but of course "Temp9" isn't being problematic when I finally decide to make this post. Thanks in advance.


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Thanks for the input, I read that Asus doesn't give you the option to monitor VRM temps on this board so hopefully its just an unknown sensor.