Temps not showing for AMD NVME RAID


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have set two 1tb nvme m.2 as raid 0 using AMD NVME RAID drivers. Only show AMD RAID and under that is all the read and write activites. Can't find tempature anywhere or the health and total size and written data. any idea why? I am running the latest version of hwinfo64


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Please attach the HWiNFO Debug File for analysis. Is there any other tool able to show that information?
I've tried WD dashboard but it says it doesn't detect the any of the nvme drives. Don't know any other apps to try. I've attached the debug file


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Unfortunately I don't know how to retrieve this information in this case. Could you please try CrystalDiskInfo if it will show the particular drives with all details?
No, the problem here is that NVMe drives in AMD RAID probably support only some proprietary method to access individual drives and AMD doesn't disclose information about this.
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