THX you guys!


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Almost week I got trouble with my PC, USB ports don't supply enough voltage I think. I must admit I am completely zero in hardware. I install external HDD Larger than 1TB. Windows doesn't recognize it, when Install small 400 GB, or flesh usb windows fast recognize it. I remove keyboard and mouse, windows start recognize large disk again etc. I am playing week with all possible configuration to get large external disks work. I install open monitor , install one more sensor utility , one more, one another to motherboard sensors, another to see CPU temperature, I changed voltage in BIOS, I don't know what can be that I didn't!!! And by the chance I saw video on YouTube about your stuff. I cant explain how I am happy!! Thx guys for you job , you utility is super, excellent , outstanding chunk of code. Thank you very much. I got what I wanted in one SUPER UTILITY!!! Just registered to say thank you! GL HF!

First utility that google gave me was Core Temp but with my system it shows zero temperature per core.
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