Typo in shared memory interface data: "DAED" instead of "DEAD"


The documented field values for dwSignature are "HWiS" or "DEAD", but the actual field value when dead is "DAED". This is on v7.12-4580
Thanks for spotting this, it's a typo. However fixing this might break compatibility with existing plugins, though I'm not sure if any of them is using this.
Agreed regarding potential breakage if anyone's only checking the incorrect value, rather than looking for both the known incorrect and documented values. An alternative could be to update the doc with the actual value. Your call!

EDIT: I imagine most people will just check for the presence of the valid value, so IMO it's low risk to just fix this in the data. If anyone's checking the "dead" value, they are probably in the error reporting path.
I agree that most clients will probably look for the valid value only, so changing this should not have an impact. I will fix this in the next build.
I have checked the SHM specification and actually it's correct. The values are specified in C-notation as "HWiS" (string) and 'DEAD' (binary value). 'DEAD' in little-endian format translates into "DAED" ASCII string.
I agree that it might be misleading, but this is how the spec was made in the past, so it should not be changed.