Unable to install on windows 10


I am trying to install HwInfo, but it is giving me an error message as shown in the attached image.

In the past, I was using HwInfo without any problem but suddenly it stopped working several weeks ago. I have attempted to delete HwInfo old folder before installing, but unable to delete as it says that the program is currently being used.


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That might be because HWiNFO is still running, you need to terminate it first.
In case you're using MSI Afterburner with the HWiNFO plugin, that might be constantly respawning HWiNFO and keeping it running. In that case you need to also close MSI AB.
Thanks for your reply.

I am not using MSI Afterburner and I tried to "end task" on my HwInfo from task manager, but the program keeps running. Even though I already uninstalled the program.
Are you still getting the Access Denied message for HWiNFO64.EXE even though it's not running in Task Manager?
Thank you for getting back to me.

The error I am getting is:

Cannot install the HWINFO driver !
Try to:
- disable core isolation/memory integrity setting in windows
- check antivirus/antimalware filter
- close other system monitoring tools
Are you maybe using encryption for the filesystem on C: drive or running some anti-cheat software?
Try to enable the Persistent Driver option in Driver Management tab of main HWiNFO settings.

I have never tried using any encryption for the C drive and not having any anti cheat software. I tried to enable the persistent driver option however it does not solve the problem.

Thanks for your help though. I think I'll just use HWMonitor instead.