USB Drives Disappearing after Update of Windows 11 or AMD Adrenaline


Dear Martin, Dear all

Since I updated my Windows 11 system with latest Windows Updates and AMD Adrenaline on 4APR24 after every system startup my USB Connected Drives disappear as soon as the HWINFO Client starts.


I tried to downgrade to HWINFO 7.72 and 7.70 as I first thought its about version 8.00.. but the error still happens.
So I assume an issue with latest Windows Update or latest AMD Adrenaline Drivers. As this was the very latest change I did on the system.. No Hardware changes. I just wanted to update all software again as I do this regularly every month.
I also tried the latest HWINFO Beta but no success.
I attach the DBG from the latest beta version.
I know based on Forum Threads here that this might be a known issue. But I do not have an ASM Storage controller. I have an AMD based mini computer and 10 Disks connected via USB Hub (via SATA to USB Adapter) to it (CHIA Farm). So I use the USB Connection.
Would be so cool If you find the issue. I use HWINFO to keep my disks permanently running for the CHIA Farm. Or what is the workaround for this problem.




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It's probably both + addition of JMicron USB-NVMe support in HWiNFO.
Seems the Windows update changed something in USB-SATA drivers that now requires a bit different handling in HWiNFO.