V7.04 crashes on Alienware 17R3 Windows 10 Pro, current


32 bit seems to run OK
64 bit ...
When I select Sensors
issues Embedded Controller warning - I don't know whether to disable or not
If I don't disable OR if I disable, hwinfo crashes
If I try to run again, just selecting Sensors crashes
I think I have attached the needed files

v7.02 runs, both x32 and x64
BUT when I run x32, it does not use the same settings that I have configured for x64, and I have done extensive mods to the sensors list.
I tried copying the x64 ini file to HWiNFO32.INI, but that did not use my x64 settings.
So I am not enthusiastic about setting up the v7.04 x32 config, because of the time involved.
I just did a minimal config of v7.04x32, leaving sensor list as found, and modding the fan speeds. It is running, and seems to be OK.


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Try to do a full "Reset Preferences" in HWiNFO main settings if that will help.
Yes. I did not disable the embedded controller, on a gamble. I don't recall disabling it in the past. But resetting did clear the error, and 7.04 is now running, thanks. Unfortunately, as I suspected, I have lost my custom sensor order and colors, so I have a bit of work to do. Otherwise, I can't readily find only those sensors of most interest to me.
I looked at both of these, thinking I could make sense of them and fix the one that does not work. But one of them is 2600 lines and one is 700, so that is a daunting task. I saved a picture of my 702 screen, and I will start to reconfigure 704. I had not thought that simply moving and changing colors of items would generate so many extra lines. In addition, the list is abstract, so there are no names for me to focus on to check specific sensors. As you see in the attached image, I am trying to limit my visible sensors to those of most interest to me, and then make them stand out by changing the colors, both very thoughtful features to include in the app. But maybe I made too many changes over time, and created an internal conflict.


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Yes, most likely some of the customizations caused an internal conflict in HWiNFO.
Is the 7.02 settings file you attached also the configuration causing v7.04 to crash? So if you clear preferences and apply those, v7.04 will crash? If yes, that might give me some clues what's happening there and see how to fix it.
Yes. If I apply the 7.02 file, then start 7.02x64, I get the display that you see in the image I sent. You can the title bar. I just did these steps.
If I then stop 7.02, and start 7.04, I get the same window, with my colors showing, but it is only on briefly, perhaps a few seconds.
If I delete HWiNFO64.INI, then start 7.04, I get
the intro with choice of sensors and settings
I choose run
I get all the dialogs
I close the update dialog
I select Sensors on the main menu bar
HWinFO immediately closes
...this is with 7.02 settings applied
now I change to 7.04
delete HWiNFO64.INI, v7.04, run
get the little dialog, choose Run
reset preferences, as you suggest
I have 3 dialogs showing: main, CPU clocks, Summary
select Sensors
get warning re EC, continue, get sensors
of course, my custom fan profiles are missing, but I can recreate them, which is what led to an earlier post re needing 2 passes to save them
shutdown HWinFO
restart 7.04, shoose Run
close update dialog
choose sensors, get EC warning, !!! select don't show warning --- I had been just passing it by, which I understood left the EC check in place, so I figured I could just not want to see it again
shutdown, restart
all seems OK
I have worked on complicated embedded hardware and software systems in the past, so I understand the magnitude of the work here.

I assume that my choices you see in the sensor image are the correct temperatures to monitor for my CPU and GPU?
With regard to the 2 passes to save a custom fan profile, I found that if I chose the sensor, saved that, then went back in and modified the profile, it saved on the "first" pass, which is really the second one, because the first one was saving the sensor choice.
Thanks for the detailed information. I did some testing and found an issue, but not 100% if this is what's causing the problem for you.
Please try this build with your v7.02 settings and let me know if it works or still crashes: www.hwinfo.com/beta/hwi64_705_4491.zip
I loaded v7.02 settings into the registry.
I ran v7.02 to confirm that I got the old display.
I shutdown 7.02.
I ran 7.05. I changed a few minor settings, then selected sensors. I did not get the EC question. The display matches 7.02, and did not crash. I toggled on Auto Start. Thanks for such prompt action. I really just wrote in as a sort of FYI, and didn't expect this.
You're welcome. It was a bug and you helped me to locate it. And we don't like bugs ;)
Good morn. I had selected Auto start before shutting down last night. This morning, during Windows startup, I got the small dialog asking about Sensors and Settings. I had previously selected Sensors, and deselected Settings, in the settings dialog. I hit Run. The small dialog disappeared, and so did all of HWI. After poking around and convincing myself that I really could not see it anywhere (Taskbar notifications, for example), I manually started v7.05 and verified that my config was correct and my fan profiles are correct. I minimized it all. I then checked, and it is still running. Not a show stopper.