V7 not showing GPU Temp!


V7 is no longer displaying the GPU temp on my EVGA GTX 750 Ti.
What can be done please?


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Please attach the HWiNFO Debug File with sensor data, I need to analyze this in more detail.
I'm sorry, but the above DBG file doesn't contain sensor data. You need to also open the sensors window to include that. Please try again.
I've just installed an update to Windows 10 (KB5000802) and v7 is now showing the GPU temp and GPU Hot Spot Temp!
Hello, Martin! I work in support of FPS Monitor and we also receive reports about the absence of GPU Temperature sensors on mobile discrete cards like 850M, 950M, and there is also a missing GPU Clock sensor on a mobile Intel Core i3-8130U processor (Intel (R) UHD Graphics 620). Attached a couple of debug files and a screenshot from the last user here and handed them over to Eduard. And so far only mobile discrete cards. I personally have a laptop with GT525M and everything is ok.


Hi Martin
Some additional information. The issue is intermittent! I suspect the GPU Temp is not consistently displayed after the PC has woken from a Sleep State (C3). After a Restart the GPU temperature is always displayed!
Hi Martin
Thank you for the beta (701.4403) it does fix the missing GPU temp issue and it is now displayed before and after resume form sleep. However, the GPU Hot Spot is not displayed after resume from sleep!