video playback stutter when hwinfo is running

I had to switch to a backup machine due to a hardware problem this week and on the "new" machine whenever I played back video I noticed a repeating stutter in the video.
This happens when playing from a local video file or when streaming youtube.
Because it is a different motherboard, (although I moved my gpu, soundcard, and other hardware) I had to install different drivers and reinstall hwinfo64.
In an attempt to debug the video issue I looked at the background processes and services and removed some that I didn't actually need.
When I restarted the issue seemed to be resolved until I loaded hwinfo64.
The stutter was back. In fact it appears to repeat as the polling happens in hwinfo64.
Have I inadvertently set something wrong (or forgotten to set something)?
Thanks in advance for assistance with this issue.


HWiNFO Author
Staff member
Try to disable monitoring of some sensors (hit the Del key over its heading) to see which one is causing it. I'd start with the EC (if present), SMART or GPU sensor.