VR T1/T2 Temperatures Gigabyte 970A-UD3P


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I am seeing high temps under VR T1 and VR T2 on HWiNFO. I'm assuming these are motherboard VRM temps.

Under prime95 stress test this temp reading goes as high as 80c (CPU stock clock and undervolted), and upto 100c when the CPU is overclocked. Under stress test the CPU core temp doesn't go above 42 degrees celsius.

Could this be a false temp reading of the VRM? 
As I don't want to damage the motherboard by burning it with high temps.

My motherboard is a Gigabyte 970A-UD3P. CPU AMD FX-8320.

Please see screenshots.



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Yes, those are Voltage Regulator temperatures. Note that VRs run usually hotter than most other mainboard components and are capable to sustain higher temperatures in most cases (>100 C). But in your case the temperatures are indeed rather high (especially 80 C when idle), so I'd suggest to look for an additional fan that you could attach to improve cooling of the VRs, or check with Gigabyte support whether they can offer a replacement (in case of not properly attached heatsink, or other problem with the board).
Thanks Martin. Those 80c temps were actually under load temps. If you see the screenshot in the background I'm running a Prime95 stress test.

Idle temps range from 40-50c. I did contact Gigabyte and they said that the VRM doesn't have a temperature sensor, but they have been giving me conflicting information in every reply so I'm having a hard time believing them.
The IRF3567B is actually a Digital PWM (used for VR part) and it has a dedicated sensor. They probably say that VR's don't have temperature sensors, because they haven't explicitly put additional sensors close to VR.
40-50 C in idle and 80 C under load is a quite OK I believe.
Thanks for that Martin. That does make sense to me.

It's best if I don't overclock then, as them temps start hitting 100C if I do.
Or try to put an additional fan near the VR.
I had a similar issue on an ASRock board and the fan helped.