VRM don't update temps on rtx2080ti


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Hello, I apologize in advance for my English translation but I'm not strong enough in English to do without it.

I have a problem (which is not that serious) but a bug report is always nice to receive when developing 
So this problem is the failure to refresh my gpu VRMs 
HWINFO in version 6.00-3620, 6.02, and beta 6.03 
if I leave hwinfo and restart it the temp is displayed and apparently at the right temp (tested just after a bench 60 and in idle 34 but after the displayed temp doesn't move anymore (I can play it will stay at the temp of the moment I started hwmonitor)
GPU TU102 Nvidia rtx2080ti rev.A1 BIOS Version Driver Version (nvidia 419.35) / W10 64

Ahh and the central fan is missing (probably this one is managed by the card but an indication is apparently possible from what I read in another post

That's it!!!!
I repeat myself but it's only a bug report and not a request because it bothers me not to have a refresh of the CG VRM times

I wish you all a good day!

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Excuse me but it work after a week i don't know why (i will make a log if it comes back because since yesterday I can't reproduce the problem anymore)
hwinfo knew I was writing to you and decided to work to make me c..

thank you for your attention

have a nice day !