What AIO coolers play nice with hwinfo?


Having tried Corsair and NZXT Kraken, I see that they don't play nice with hwinfo.

My question is, what AIO water coolers out there play nice? Mainly being able to monitor the liquid temperature. (The pump RPM is easy to monitor because it is connected to the motherboard.)
Usually NZXT play nice, but it can depend on the firmware version they are using. Another issue is that CAM once started doesn't allow others to access the device.
Most Corsair work quite well unless one starts their own software.
Besides that there aren't may that would be really reliable. Best work Aquacomputer devices, but these aren't AIO.
Their software should be running. Because it is their software that is controlling the pump speed based on the liquid temperature. And when their software is running hwinfo can't read them. So both Corsair iCue and NZXT CAM are not playing nice. I consider then incompatible.
NZXT might work if you start HWiNFO first, then CAM. But I cannot guarantee that a new firmware or CAM update might change things.
Yes in that case it works at first but as soon as you start CAM, the graphs and readings in HWiNFO freezes. Only the parts from Kraken, the rest still works.
Can you please attach a HWiNFO Debug File when only HWiNFO is running and then you start CAM? I will have a look at the data if there's anything I can do.