What In the World is 'AVSB' Voltage?


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hi, what exactly is the AVSB voltage reading under the Motherboard section?

I see the 5v, 3v, and 12v PSU voltages, but what is the "AVSB" reading in between that? it dropped to 3.360 before, which I think it does sometimes, but I only ever realized it now

when I hover over it, it doesn't display any information. even if it's an inaccurate/useless display, what is it meant to read?
+3.3 V stand-by power supply for analog circuits

so is it any different to the 3VSB (3.3v standby PSU) voltage? they have roughly the same readings

and I assume it's okay for them to drop a bit, right? 3.376 to 3.360 doesn't seem like anything too bad from my knowledge. thank you