Why is my CPU working?


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Whenever I opened HWinfo64, my CPU cores were shown as six short stationary green bars @ 700+ MHz.
I had to do a complete system reinstall of Win 7 and all apps, and now HWinfo64 shows six continually moving yellow bars @ 3000+ Mhz without any applications running. What's up with that?
I checked the task manager for CPU usage (99% idle), disabled some start up functions, and I even went into msconfig to disable all non-essentials (as a test), and they were still moving a mile a minute. It also shows my RAM going crazy! Any ideas? I want to see my stationary green bars again. Thanks for any help from anywhere.
Yellow bars are absolutely ok - it means your CPU switches to Turbo Mode. All modern CPUs have several operating points and dynamic clock - depending on load change each core's clock several times per second.
1. What CPU do you have?
2. Does this change happen after you switched to the latest version v3.88 ?
3. How frequent do the yellow bars appear?