WinRaR and hwinfo64 crash


I have been having one those crashes where there is no blue screen. Just no signal from HDMI and full screen GPU speed.

Intel 6700k / Z170 Chipset
16GB Corsair vengeance
R9 Fury Nano
Samsung 850 Evo M.2 SSD
WinRaR 5.31
Windows 10
Hwinfo 5.20-2800
Crimson drivers 16.2

All stock (no overclock).

I have been able to narrow it down. Basically when I try to compress multiple folders through winrar (opening multiple winrar windows) the system crashes within seconds.

I tried to do the same with 7-zip and it did not crash.

Test: Right click each folder and create separate archive of that folder

7 Zip > Ok
WinRAR > Crash

Stop hwinfo64 in background:

7Zip > OK
WinRaR > OK

So apparently it seems some interaction here is causing the crash. I noticed another thread with a Fury causing a similar crash, idk if its related ( I have a similar generation card (AMD Fury).
So after reading that thread ( I remember, how after each crash, somehow hwinfo's GPU VRM temperatures would be blank.

Put 2 and 2 together. Disabled monitoring of everything under the R9 Fury Nano VRM section.

Ran WinRAR > did not crash.

This is so odd.

Prime95 small FFT didnt crash
Prime95 blend didnt crash
Atto Benchmark didnt crash
3dmark 2013 didnt crash
GTA IV for many hours didnt crash

but running multiple instances of winrar to compress folders > crash lol
So you find the problem already ;)
You might try the latest Beta, which should run stable as it no longer accesses the VRMs on Fiji GPUs and still can provide GPU VRM temperatures.