Wrong (3D) GPU clock with Raven Ridge / Vega 11 iGPU (Ryzen 2400G)


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HWinfo 6.32 displays wrong (3D) GPU clock with Raven Ridge / Vega 11 iGPU (Ryzen 2400G) (or at leats other clock than GPU-Z)

With stock settings HWinfo displays static 400Mhz on idle Windows desktop. When running 3D load, the frequency displayed goes up & down, but for non-3D-load it nevers goes below 400MHz.
But in GPU-Z, the displayed value goes down all the way to 0 MHz and is more 'dynamic' even without 3D-load:

When overclocking the iGPU to 1500MHz HWinfo always displays this frequency as a fixed value.
But in GPU-Z the diplayed value is not fixed but changes dynamically (between 0 and 1500)

This is independet from setting "Prefer AMD ADL".

Kind regards & thank you very much for HWinfo!
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Please try the latest HWiNFO version with the Prefer AMD ADL" option disabled.
HWinfo 6.34, "Prefer AMD ADL" disabled: -> Still the same; GPU clock static at 400MHz when idle.
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OK, I see now why is this. There are 3 different sources how the GPU clock can be read, but each of them reports a different value. Question is what is correct...
I don't think that such very low clock values are possible unless the IGPU is disabled because there's a DGPU used.
No dGPU installed.
I think this is only "3D" clock, so it is halted / clock gated when not running 3D.
There are other clocks / units still running at higher frequency.

For comparison see the clocks / sensors as measured by GPU-Z:


The sensor labeled "SOC clock" goes up & down when something graphical is displayed (like moving charts;), moving windows, ....

AMD µProf is displaying similar values for GFX frequency.
If windows is displaying a 'static' picture (no animation), the value goes down to zero.

In an article about raven ridge i have read, that according to AMD the whole 3d part and half of the RAM-Interface is shut down / power gated in order to reduce power usage when playing videos. Video playback is handeld bei VCN / media controller part.