(Ryzen 5 4500U) Vega graphics clock speed and temperature peak bug


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Just got a new Lenovo laptop with the new Ryzen 5 4500U processor using integrated Vega graphics.

Occasionally HWiNFO64 reports 'GPU Temperature' and 'GPU Clock' values to peak at absurd values. Other clock or temperature values seem to be consistently correct, though. I have not been able to identify when exactly these values occur. Only 3D graphics enabled software I've run have been some benchmarks (PCMark, 3DMark, UserBenchmark) and Civilization VI: GS.

Report and screenshots included.


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This seems to be a bug in the GPU driver. I will add a filter for such invalid values, but best would be if AMD would fix this in a new driver release.
It would be useful if you could catch such invalid value while running HWiNFO in Debug Mode and attach the Debug File produced. I could submit this to AMD that might help them to find the problem.