Wrong "Total CPU Usage" reading on my R5 5600X / ASRock X570 Pro4


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Hey all,

I have this problem for months already, but never really bothered to post it.

A few months ago, i realized that the % value of the "Total CPU Usage" got borked crazy.
What i mean with that is that when i play games, the % value is always between 2-10%.
Screenshot is from today 12.12.2022


This is ofc wrong, because a CPU Is not at 5% Total CPU Usage during gaming. I even have proof of old gameplay where the problem didnt exist:
Screenshot is from 05.09.2022 (DD/MM/YYYY)


As you see, a few months ago it was showing a fitting number (43%) which made sense. Now im stuck at this 2-10%.

These are the Monitoring Settings: (I only use HwInfo.dll as Plugin):


Does anyone has the same problem or does anyone know how can I fix this in Combination with MSI Afterburner/RTSS?
You need to switch to the "CPU Utility" value in HWiNFO instead. This has been discussed several times here.
thanks for fast reply!
Ah I see what you mean.
I tried to avoid this since I dont use the Shard Memory Support (The values i got from the picture above are somehow independent from it).

Once I enabled it, i could easily add the Value u mean and it looks better!
Ill see how this goes and may buy a license, thanks Martin!
More details here: