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Hi Martin,

just testing Z77X-D3H and notice that sensor reading are wrong.
report attached,


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RE: Z77X-D3H

I haven't yet performed sensor adjustments for Gigabyte 7-series mainboards.
Please attach also the HWiNFO Debug File (including sensor data) and it would be great to get a photo of what BIOS values are reported, or even better a screenshot of the Gigabyte EasyTune tool. Then I can determine what needs to be done.
RE: Z77X-D3H

enabled Debug Mode in settings,reset preference...still cann't found debug mode.
RE: Z77X-D3H

You need to run the entire HWiNFO, open sensors, then close and then locate the HWiNFO64.DBG file.
RE: Z77X-D3H

If you pack the DBG it should be possible to attach it.
So is Build 1570 displaying all correct now including the chipset model?
RE: Z77X-D3H

Can you please make at least 2 (3 would be even better) different shots of both HWiNFO and EasyTune where the DDR voltage is different? Just wait a bit and catch the right moment. I need to comapre if there needs to be a certain offset applied.
RE: Z77X-D3H

Also one more question - is there a CHiL CHLxxxx chip on the mobo? If yes, could you please tell me the model number? It seems I need to adjust that one too (especially the VOUT is not correct).
RE: Z77X-D3H

Thanks. It seems there needs to be an offset applied to VDIMM.
I'll fix that together with the CHiL VOUT in next build if I get the required info on model. Maybe you could make a photo of the CHL chip?
Also, do you think the VTT reported by HWiNFO sensors is correct?
RE: Z77X-D3H

I've seen that review.. The UD5H might however use a different VR than the D3H.
RE: Z77X-D3H

Thanks for the feedback :) Now all seems fine, I'll do the same with GIGABYTE H77 series too.
If you get a chance to determine the VR model used (CHiL CHLxxxx or different), please let me know.

AIDA64 will be updated soon as well ;) we're closely cooperating on many topics (including this one) ;)
RE: Z77X-D3H

I'll look for CHiL sensor.
Yes, I know that you and Tamas close cooperate. :D
Thanks Martin.