Zalman hd7970-h VRM temps


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Although its a Zalman branded card I believe its actually made by HIS.

The VRM temps on this card seem locked at either 25C or 26C. All other sensors on the CHL8228 appear to be working (ampage and wattage fluctuate as expected under load).

Are the sensors just buggered (its a new card)? or can I provide some debugging material to solve the problem??
In case the VRM temperatures are visible in a reasonable range and seem to be stuck, then I don't think I can do anything about it.
HWiNFO just displays what the sensor measures. So either there's a problem with the sensor, or the diode simply isn't properly connected. Might be a problem on the particular card, or a design 'feature'.
Yeah I had guessed as much. But I believe this is a reference design AMD 7970.

Not knowing much more about these things, but do you think different GPU or even Motherboard bioses may correct the issue?

As to the `features` issue - I am sure the card is getting the correct info for Over volt/ heat protection algorothims as the card can shut down when pushed to it limits.
I'm sorry, but I don't know. One would have to try out other GPUs of the same design or similar to verify it.
Thermal protection is mostly based on internal GPU sensors and doesn't have to rely on VRM sensors.