Zotac 3070 Twind Edge OC Performance limit


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Hi you all guys
I have this strange behaviour with my GPU.
Temps looks fine, GPU never exceeded 74 degrees, I cant see the VRAM and Junction because the 3070 gddr6 dont have (or show) the sensors.
Anyway, sometimes at the end of a gaming session HWinfo64 is flagging Yes the performance limit thermal trigger.
I use to monitor the situation via the new utility built in with Geforce Experience, keeping overlay on, and never noticed a noticeable clockdrop.
It is always between 1850 a,d 1950. I think those are normal fluctuations during game, not throttling right?
The strange thing is that I saw the flag Yes when the gpu reached 70 degrees, and flagged NO when the gpu reached 74.
This leads me to think it might be some kind of bug.
Do you know something about that?
Should I be worried?
Thx guys