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    Fiji Readings

    Hello, I remember Fiji (Fury/Fury X/Nano) having some issues in the past with hwinfo. Are all the readings accurate from the hardware sensors now (specifically VRM VDD)? Or are estimates? Thanks and sorry if its a repeated question. :angel:
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    Asrock motherboard and PCH temperatire

    Hi Martin Im using your software and wanted to check my motherboard temperature. Afaik, the PCH is southbridge temperature? Using the ASrock Z170-itx/ac, which is "real" the motherboard temperature? Sorry if its a repeated question Thanks!
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    Enabling ADL makes the AMD Fury crash

    No crash during Winrar :D with the beta.
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    WinRaR and hwinfo64 crash

    Tried the new beta version. Ran the winrar test again, did not crash. Thanks!
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    Enabling ADL makes the AMD Fury crash

    There is Fury X, Fury Air and Fury Nano. I have the Nano. My system is runs fine (using 5.2-2800), however under a certain load, I get the GPU/blank screen issue. Disabled the VRM monitoring sections completely and system is stable under that load. More details here (sorry for creating...
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    WinRaR and hwinfo64 crash

    So after reading that thread ( I remember, how after each crash, somehow hwinfo's GPU VRM temperatures would be blank. Put 2 and 2 together. Disabled monitoring of everything under the R9 Fury Nano VRM section. Ran...
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    WinRaR and hwinfo64 crash

    I have been having one those crashes where there is no blue screen. Just no signal from HDMI and full screen GPU speed. Specs: Intel 6700k / Z170 Chipset 16GB Corsair vengeance R9 Fury Nano Samsung 850 Evo M.2 SSD WinRaR 5.31 Windows 10 Hwinfo 5.20-2800 Crimson drivers 16.2 All...
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    Changing text colour

    Hello, I added some system tray icons for monitoring my temperatures. Everything is fine. I was just wondering if there is any way to change the colour of the text? Thanks.