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    Potential Bug in v5.03-2595 Beta

    Thanks for the explanation and the extra work for my ASRock X99 board. I really appreciate it. :) Your VCore reading seems accurate to me, given my experience with HWinFO and my ASRock Z97 board. On both boards with C States enabled, the HWiNFO VCore reading is not always identical to the...
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    Strange ATA issue

    A comment about this topic, I can't tell what version of the IRST driver mididoc is using, but if it is a recent version such as 13.x or 14.x, that might explain the issue. The SATA chipset on mididoc's board is the ICH10R, a great but older chipset. The latest versions of the IRST drivers do...
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    Potential Bug in v5.03-2595 Beta

    Yes it is Martin, thank you for that! My precious VCore reading is back! I treasure your VCore reading because nothing else provides it, all I get is the maximum VID. When CPU stress testing using Haswell Adaptive Voltage, the actual VCore will be above the maximum VID. That is known to...
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    Potential Bug in v5.03-2595 Beta

    Hi Martin, I tried the new Beta version of HWiNFO64, v5.03-2595, which includes Enhanced sensor monitoring on ASRock X99 and Z170 series. I ran it with my ASRock X99 Extreme6/3.1 board, and I noticed the VCore reading that was fine on the previous Beta version was now an impossible value...
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    Can HWiNFO Detect an Intel ES Processor?

    Thanks Martin, this 5820K is definitely a production unit, and has a SSPEC code, SR205 (wrote the codes before mounting it.) I thought that HWiNFO (really you of course) would be correct about this, I just wanted a confirmation for the owner... that is me actually. :cool:  Where and how I...
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    Storage Sensors Suggestions and Data Units Question

    You're right Martin, as with most of the SMART data, there are few standards regarding what attribute is which specific data item. Even within a manufacture's range of models like Intel, they may have changed which attribute contains TBW data, as well as the way the data is encoded. I've seen...
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    Can HWiNFO Detect an Intel ES Processor?

    Hi Martin, hope you are well. I'm wondering if HWiNFO is able to detect if a processor (Intel i7-5820K) is an Engineering Sample model? I'm testing one for... someone that claims it is an ES model, but I'm not sure about that. The Summary and Main HWiNFO information pages show the CPU Type...
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    Core Max Vs. CPU Package Temps

    I'm seeing a similar thing with my i7-5820K, not that I think HWiNFO is a problem. As we say in the USA, don't shoot the messenger. :cool:  For example, at idle with C States enabled, my Core temperatures are in the mid to upper 20s C. HWiNFO provides four other CPU temperatures on my board...
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    Downloaded latest and now all Layout settings are deleted.

    The OP's reasoning escapes me. As well as some of the "observations" like a three second delay when removing a sensor or data item? I've reset my custom settings many times in the past, on multiple PCs. Now the backup user settings option saves that bit of work, a great option. Regardless, I...
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    Performance Limit Reasons Feedback

    Hi Martin, Some feedback on the new Performance Limit Reasons in the Beta v4.65-2545 version of HWiNFO64. This is from an ASRock Z87 Extreme6 board (Nuvoton NCT6776F), Pentium G3258, Windows 10 Build 10130. When I first saw all these "reasons" all I could say is Wow! I never knew...
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    Report From The Wild

    Hi Martin, hope you are well! One of my occasional feedback posts, which I know you appreciate. Basically all good news, with possibly one thing to think about. I love the Backup User Settings feature, which is very useful for the way I use my PCs and HWiNFO. I do a lot of Layout and...
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    Beta v4.61-2480 Font and Color Features

    I agree about changing the font, no point in doing that. I tested the alert color change on Core and CPU (PECI) temperatures, worked fine. Color changed to red at or above the temperature I selected, and changed back to black below that temperature. I don't mind that the entire line of...
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    Beta v4.61-2480 Font and Color Features

    Hi Martin, Just started using the v4.61-2480 version with the new color and font features. Good idea putting the sensor headings in italics to get our attention. Seems to be working well on the system in my sig. The color option is nice, probably most useful with the Alerts option, great idea...
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    Possible Bug in HWiNFO64 Main Window Information

    Sorry, just noticed this post. Something is odd there, did you not install the INF/Chipset files? You have all those features of course, just not picked up by HWiNFO for some reason. Of greater significance IMO, UEFI BIOS Not Capable?!?! That can't be correct!
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    Possible Bug in HWiNFO64 Main Window Information

    Thanks for the information Martin. On an ASRock Z77 board, if I enabled Aggressive Link Power Management the PC would not boot, so I always had it set to disabled. On my ASRock Z87 and Z97 boards, this option is disabled by default in the UEFI... but my point here is if the chipset does...