Beta v4.61-2480 Font and Color Features


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Hi Martin, Just started using the v4.61-2480 version with the new color and font features. Good idea putting the sensor headings in italics to get our attention.
Seems to be working well on the system in my sig. The color option is nice, probably most useful with the Alerts option, great idea there! Otherwise it does help draw the eyes to a specific sensor reading quicker, I better try that myself.
When I saw font mentioned, I expected the ability to pick a certain font, not just italics and bold, but that doesn't matter.
As always, great work, what will you think of next?!

EDIT: Well, it does say font style, so I guess I'm reading more into it than is there, sorry!
Thanks for the feedback. I didn't allow choosing own font, since I think that would make things more complicated - if the user would choose a larger font it would be problematic to fit that all into the list. Also I don't think this would be a useful feature.
I too think that the combination of alerts + custom color is useful, so what I'm thinking next is to advance this somehow. Maybe it would be better to separate this from alerts so that one can choose an alert for a value and also change the color using different thresholds - i.e. change color if CPU temperature is >90 C and also define an alert on the same value if it's >98 C (shutdown). Also it might be useful to give the users a set of default color alerts (e.g. when throttling).. Still thinking about that all..
I agree about changing the font, no point in doing that.

I tested the alert color change on Core and CPU (PECI) temperatures, worked fine. Color changed to red at or above the temperature I selected, and changed back to black below that temperature. I don't mind that the entire line of temperatures values (Current, Minimum, etc) changes, it draws my eye to it and is not confusing IMO.

Question about Core Thermal Throttling, what units should be used for an alert? The displayed units are Yes and No, but it looks like you may be using boolean 0 and 1 for No (false) and Yes (true), is that correct?

About Alerts in general, what does Notification distance do?

A range of colors and thresholds would be nice, but how many? I've seen options for BIOS settings change from black to yellow to red for things like CPU voltage, etc. Personally, I would not need more than three or four thresholds.

Multiple colors for alerts would be useful IMO, since I might want to highlight a reading when it reaches a value I consider good. For example, a Core or CPU temperature that I consider optimal at idle, I would change it to green. If I don't see green appearing very much or at all, that signals a need to increase the CPU cooler fan speed.

I never used alerts until now, this new option may make them more popular.
For "Core Thermal Throttling" the values can be 0 (No) or 1 (Yes).
The "Notification distance" is the minimum time between triggering subsequent alarms. This is not used for the coloring of items, but for others like displaying the warning window. It's useful for situations where the value crosses the alarm threshold during a larger period, so to avoid triggering the alarm too often. So for example if you set it to 30 secs, the alarm will be triggered each 30 seconds when the value crossed the threshold (without that it would be triggered in each update cycle).