1. A

    HWInfo Not Starting on Startup

    HWinfo does not seem to ever start on Startup as asked. I've tried re-enabling Auto Start: I've verified the Task exists in Task Scheduler: And the task is even running, yet HWinfo does not open on startup.
  2. C

    Computer lagging while starting HWiNFO64

    I am on Win11 Pro using an Amd 7950x3d on an Asus Crosshair X670E Gene (if that matters) I found out that using the Thunderbolt Driver (from the asus motherboard’s page) makes the starting of hwinfo difficult. Whole system is lagging until the first stage is loaded. Made my system crash/restart...
  3. M

    nVME SSD temperatures not loading when starting on Win 10 startup

    Hi, I have encountered recurring issue that when hwinfo is starting with Windows 10 startup, it usually does not load the sensors on my nVME Samsung SSD 970 EVO, especially temperatures. If I then manually shut hwinfo down and run it again, it is shown. I have configured hwinfo to gather logs as...
  4. T

    Sensors "Always On Top" Setting Ignored On Launch

    Hello, each time I launch HWInfo64, the "Always On Top" Sensors setting is ignored, and other windows, e.g. Chrome, are shown on top of the Sensors window. I am able to resolve this until the next launch by deselecting the "Always On Top" setting, re-selecting it, and then clicking "OK".
  5. nero

    Used for monitoring a few machines but how to get summery easily

    Hello: So, I have been using the app to monitor 2 PCs locally and everything works great. However, another function that I find very useful is system summery and hardware information. Instead of using another app or having to change all the settings of hw sensor startup and launch on windows...
  6. L

    Another fan on start up thread help.

    i stupidly updated my hwinfo64 and now fans wont activate on start up unless i open the fan tab in sensors. here are my settings. I also did the OpenFanCrtlMin=1 .ini edit. any ideas if what i jacked up? thanks. been tinkering for hours and the fans still wont spin on start up, proof of ini...