1. B

    ASUS Ryzen Motherboards overheating / faulty temperature sensor problem.

    Hello, I am not sure where to post about it yet, so I came here. A couple days ago I had a first time occasion to stress-test my cpu (R5 3600) in occt. Before stressing it, I checked out some temperatures the program was detecting. What peaked my intrest was a sensor named "Temp2" on the mobo...
  2. T

    VRM Monitoring

    I'm new to this board and was wondering if anyone knew what value or item I should be looking at for my Z390-e Asus mother for the VRM? Thanks
  3. L

    Vega 56 (Vega Nitro+64 bios) freezes the computer when enable "i2c support force" monitoring for vrm

    Hi! Title says all. Newest HwInfo (6.30-4240) and newest radeon software (20.8.3). The problem presents since 20.3.1 driver, before I use 19.1.1 and a previous version of hwinfo, and worked perfectly, never freeze, saw the vrm1&2 temps, voltages, etc. But I had to update for doom eternal. There...
  4. FurFur

    B550-F VRM Temp?

    Hi Have bought Asus Strix B550-F And cant find VRM temp in hwinfo, in a board of this level they should be 100% But have some temp2/temp5/temp9, and some i understand that is not vrm temp who knows what the problem is? It seems to me that the boards are still fresh and need to wait for new...
  5. B

    RTX 2080 TI VRM Temperature/Fan Frozen

    Hey Martin, I found a weird bug after upgrading to a 2080 ti from a 1080 ti. The VRM temperature/fan report in the list is frozen. I'm not sure if it is my GPU or your program however. It worked fine from when I got the card last week until now. Not sure what changed. I updated my drivers like...