1. FurFur

    B550-F VRM Temp?

    Hi Have bought Asus Strix B550-F And cant find VRM temp in hwinfo, in a board of this level they should be 100% But have some temp2/temp5/temp9, and some i understand that is not vrm temp who knows what the problem is? It seems to me that the boards are still fresh and need to wait for new...
  2. B

    RTX 2080 TI VRM Temperature/Fan Frozen

    Hey Martin, I found a weird bug after upgrading to a 2080 ti from a 1080 ti. The VRM temperature/fan report in the list is frozen. I'm not sure if it is my GPU or your program however. It worked fine from when I got the card last week until now. Not sure what changed. I updated my drivers like...