A couple UI feature requests


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Big user of HWiNFO here, really neat program. Thanks for your work and for keeping HWiNFO free.

I have a couple simple UI requests, hopefully this is the right place to ask, please let me know otherwise:

1. In the sensors window, it would be nice to be able to change the display (e.g. bold, or font color) of multiple metrics at once. It's already possible to select multiple metrics but unfortunately only the last selected one will be affected by display changes.

2. Could we have a button somewhere to tell the sensor window to automatically make the current/min/max/avg columns just big enough to accomodate their values without ellipsis, while maximizing the width of the "Sensor" column?

3. Any chance of double-buffering the display of the sensor window to avoid flickering on updates?

1. Such adjustment of multiple items is already possible via the sensor settings window.
2. I'll think about this.
3. This is already done, flickering should happen only if a new value appears during runtime and is inserted into the list. If you observe permanent flickering, the problem must be something else.
1. Ah nice, hadn't noticed! Still, I think it should work similarly in the sensors window, if only out of consistency.

3. It definitely flickers whenever values are updated. I can even see it updating sensors from top to bottom, left to right. See the video in attachment.



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As far as I can see all those values did change, so they are updated on the fly. It's just too many values changing at once.
In the next build I will extend the multi-selection from main sensor window to be applied to the settings window as well.
So you can select the items you wish to change in main window and upon opening the sensor settings the same items will be automatically selected there too.