ASRock 880G Pro3 and HWinfo64


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fist of all thanks for this very helpful and still free tool! :)

I built a new PC, based on an ASRock 880G Pro3 motherboard, which is quite new to the market. I have trouble with some sensor readouts (screenshot, debug info and report are attached):

- the +12V rail is giving wrong voltage-readout (sometimes below 1V, sometimes 7V...)
- the Auxilliary temperature seems not correct (it jumps inbetween 15 to 120 degree within a second sometimes)
- the Ram-Voltage is not monitored (although it's there in the bios hardware monitor)
- there is a second +3.3V readout, which is wrong (the other one seems to be correct)
- the CPU-fan is not monitored
- the CPU-power (wattage) consumption is not monitored (maybe it's not possible for this board, i don't know...)

I hope it can be fixed, thanks in advance :)


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Thanks for your report, I'll check and fix this.
But can you please take a photo of the BIOS System Health screen? I haven't yet seen ASRock boards to monitor the DRAM voltage..
I'm really sorry, i was under the impression that the new UEFI Bios on this Asrock board is actually showing the DRAM-Voltage. But it's just the Asrock Extreme Utility, which is showing it:


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I believe some of those voltages (like NB, DRAM, HT) are not really measured using a sensor, but only the setting is read. HWiNFO will not report those values.
hm, but wouldn't it then be 1.5V and not such a strange Value like 1,585V?
EDIT: yes, i think you're right, i just checked the settings and i don't understand why the standard, automatic voltage for my DDR3 is set to 1,585V and not 1,5V. Seems Asrock has fun overclocking DRAM for no reason :)