ASRock B450 Gaming ITX/AC AUXTIN1, AUXTIN2 readings


Hey there,

not sure if that's a bug, but it definitely is bugging me :)
temps above 100 degrees are deffo not cool :))))

thanks for the awesome application!
log and dbg file attached in the zip


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Those are most probably invalid values read from a sensor not connected. They will be removed in the next build to avoid confusion.

if these are legit, can I connect them somehow? It sucks when you have to remove functionality of otherwise perfectly working software, just because someone did not connect something? :)
No, this is not your fault :) It's because the sensor chip has such inputs, but they are not routed to any sensor or connector on this mainboard model. In such case those pin receive floating values which show up as erratic. The removal will affect this model only as it's not applicable here.
Thanks. That looks like some fluctuation on the tach pins of the GPU fan. I'll try to add a workaround for this, but wondering what AMD Radeon Software reports in such case...
I have an answer guys. I was diging on asrock page and see one note in the end with "*******" 1588202533107.png

If i think good that's why on my screen I see this...And yes i have custom WT.
When I put cpu underload this vrm2 temp is climbing 1:1 with real CPU temp.
Then i suppose this sensor read waterpump temp.
Do you think I'm correct or i don't understand what this is.
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not sure how to log the sensor values in AMD software. And I think these fluctuation have to do with MSI afterburner which I'm using to lower the curve of the GPU fans when not under load. AT least I could not reproduce the high values without it. What do you think?

Yes, it's very likely that that a conflict between MSI AB and HWiNFO when both access the fan is causing those erratic values.