Asus 970 Pro Gaming/Aura Mislabeled & Missing Sensors


First, I still LOVE HWiNFO and use it every single day! Second, there are some mislabeled sensors (voltages especially) and missing fan RPM's. I currently have CPU_Fan, CPU_OPT, and W_PUMP headers connected but only CPU_FAN/Chassis is displayed.

I've only had this motherboard for a few hours so there may be some other weird things going on that I haven't noticed yet (too tired to continue hunting today). Link to some other users having the same issue:

Lastly, here's a pic showing mislabeled voltages. Requested DBG and Report files linked below.




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Thanks for the report. This will be fixed in the next Beta build, which is scheduled for release in a few hours from now ;)


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Hi, I am a little unclear on what is being monitored with the Asus 970 Pro Gaming. I have HWiNFO64 v5.54-3200.

My temperature sensors for my CPU and Motherboard are:

CPU (Tctl) - This temp is usually equal to CPU Package (TSI)
CPU Package (TSI) - This temp is usually equal to CPU (Tctl)
CPU - This temp is usually at least 10 degrees C greater than CPU Tctl and TSI during stress testing.
Motherboard - I assume this is some place on the motherboard that doesn't typically experience much heat because it rarely changes more than 1-2 degrees.

According to the Asus Software Suite there are two sensors namely, Motherboard and CPU. "CPU" in HWiNFO tends to track closely to "CPU" in the Asus Software Suite.