Asus P9X79-E WS troubles


on my board P9X79-E WS when I launch the program, there's a sensor warning about sensor ASUS EC and it ask to disable the sensor.
is it not supported ? other program (Asus Suite) interfered ?

About the memory DIMMs Temps, my memory modules have the temp sensor but I can't see them on the sensor dashboard, why ?
the board don't pass the info ?
Maybe there's no support on the program (?).
the temp of the same DIMM module on my other board (Asus P8C WS) is recognized on the sensor panel.

The warning displayed about the ASUS EC sensor explains that in some cases reading those values might cause interference with other tools (like the ASUS AI Suite), or in some cases a higher system load.
Regarding the DIMM TS - please attach the HWiNFO Debug File with sensor data. Then I can analyze it and search for a solution.
I've attached the debug report and the datasheet of dimm stick


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there you go.

Thanks again.

just for curiosity : what do you think about the fact that program just works with one Mobo (P8C WS) but don't works with another ones (P9X79-E) in this particular case ?
I don't know how works I2C bus, but It's look like a standard so if the sticks is the same the program should just works on both the platform.


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The difference is in the implementation of SMBus/I2C Host Controller. While on almost all systems this host is implemented in the chipset (and universal for all SMBus devices including DIMM SPD/TSOD), on Sandy Brigde/Ivy Bridge server/workstations series (SNB/IVB-E/EN/EP/EX) the SMBus interfaces of DIMMs are routed to a special dedicated controller inside the CPU. HWiNFO currently supports DIMM SPD on these CPUs, but didn't properly support TSOD there.
I'm working on this right now...
The Dimm Temp Sensor are now showed.
Just a little strange is the numbering associate.
Take a look at the screenshoot, maybe it's only cosmetic.
I've attached the debug files if it can help you.


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Thanks for the feedback, I'm happy that it works.
The TSOD numbering should be in sync with your memory modules. How are your DIMMs populated, are you able to determine the order of your DIMMs on mainboard and those reported by HWiNFO ?
I've 8 DIMMs Modules, all 8 GB, same type (The datasheet is the ones that I've attached yesterday, Unbuffered ECC).
All the DIMM slots are used, of course.
looking at the Memory report, I've just noted that it list 8 Rows, With Number not consecutive, look at screenshoot.
By the way ODTS is still listed not supported.
Maybe is the way that IMC manage the sticks.
The CPU is a Xeon E5-1650v2.


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I have checked and the numbering should be correct from IMC point of view, since your machine doesn't have all DIMMs supported by the CPU (3 x 4) populated.
I think that's all.
I wish to thanks you again, I really appreciate your willingness to work around-the-clock.
kind regards