ASUS Strix RTX3090 & RAM Timings BUGS

Hello, I have observed a couple of problems and wanted to comment on them.

In the detection of the RAM memory modules, the fourth module does not show the timings as you can see in the image. All other programs display it correctly.


The second problem is about the GPU. It's an ASUS Strix RTX3090-O.
As you can see in the image, when the fans are stopped, in "Fan GPU" and in "GPU Fan 2" the speed is correctly shown "0 rpm", but below I see that there are two repeated sections of "VRM" and "GPU Fan", in which it is indicated that the Fans are active in "%", even indicating "100%" of use when they are really stopped (the value is changing without apparent sense).

On the other hand, the GPU has 3 fans. I know that the measurement of one is that of the central and the other measurement belongs to the other two, but I do not understand why there are two measurements of "VRM Temps".


PC Specs:
MSI Z170A M7 (bios updated)
- RAM: 4x8GB Gskill Trident Z 3600 CL16-16-16-2T
- GPU: Asus Strix RTX3090 (OC model) (bios updated)
- CPU: i7 6700K

Thank you very much for your attention, congratulations on the great program.


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Look at the column titles - the 4th one doesn't belong to the 4th module, but it's the average value. And since an average value of those memory timings doesn't make sense, it's not shown.
The 3rd GPU fan is controlled via a separate OEM logic, that's why it's shown under a different sensor. As for its speed, this should be fixed in the next build.
Ops, my fault, sorry. I didn't pay due attention to the names of the RAM columns.

Thank you very much for your fast response and the upcoming fix. I asume that the two GPU VRM values refers to the same VRM but are repeated by the two fans OEM logic, right?

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