Black Theme and Unit Change?

Is it possible to change the UI to black or a dark theme? With it being white when I am gaming at night and have it open it burns my eyes lol. Also it is possible to change the unit of measurement for the "Current DL Rate" and "Current UP Rate" for network adapters? Currently it is Kilobytes per second which is too small of a unit when using a gigabit connection and it is also the wrong unit of measurement. Ideally it should be Megabits per second.

Thanks in advance!


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I have just upgraded to Windows 10 and prefer to use the dark theme of the system.

I'm looking forward to a dark version of the UI in a future update. Thank you!


HWiNFO Author
Staff member
Unfortunately Dark Theme is available only to UWP applications and HWiNFO is not UWP.
So it would require a complete GUI rewrite. I have already looked into this and it's a quite big effort, so I can't give an ETA when such a feature will be implemented.