BSOD when launching sensor window with Radeon 6800 XT


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I just installed HWINFO64 7.04 on my new pc and encountered a problem where it would crash whenever I try opening the sensors window.
It shows "Detecting Sensors... GPU ATI" and then either just reboots after hanging for a while or enters a blue screen showing "THREAD_STUCK_IN_DEVICE_DRIVER".
The latest 7.05 beta shows the same behaviour. I also tried to enable the "Prefer AMD ADL" setting to no avail.
I've attached the debug file for both v7.04 and v7.05b.


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Try to disable the "GPU I2C Support" option in HWiNFO settings - "SMBus / I2C" tab.
That worked. Thanks for your help!

On a side note, I naively enabled the auto start settings when I installed hwinfo and thanks to that I got stuck in a reboot loop. Unfortunately it seems the top results on google all show rather dated information that is either wrong or unnecessarily complicated. For example when following some of the advice and booting windows into safe mode, it is neither possible to start hwinfo, nor the task scheduler as both tell that they cannot start in that mode, so disabling the autostart that way is not possible. I ended up editing the registry to disable all tasks as mentioned in some post from 2014, but looking back, that was kind of unnecessary, since all that would have been needed was to edit the ini file to no longer automatically start the sensors.
Maybe for a better UX you could allow hwinfo to start in safe mode, but only show the settings window? That way it would be easily possible to disable the autostart option without having to edit anything by hand.