cannot access startup settings


New Member
I am new to this software, but I am trying to access the startup settings. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling to no avail. The icon does not appear in the notification area (tray) and I am still unable to access startup settings, even after selecting it to be visible in the tray via windows 10 settings. Someone please help, I will be very very grateful!
I am running it in auto start, but I can't get to the settings to turn that off or tweak them in any way. Sorry, I know this is a basic question but man its been difficult to fix!
Try to delete the HWiNFO64.INI file, then HWiNFO will start with default settings with the initial welcome screen where you can get into Settings.
This worked flawlessly, thanks for the help, I now have sonder up and running with all the settings I need in place! Have a great day!